What is ROSI?

ROSI is the Register of Outstanding Invoices.

The Register contains information on businesses only. It does not hold records of unpaid consumer debts.

ROSI receives unpaid invoice data from a number of partners and formulates it into an easily accessible and understandable format.

Overdue and unpaid invoices information is used by suppliers and other parties when deciding whether to extend, grant or withdraw credit.

The information received is an ever increasing and useful database to suppliers of goods or services.

ROSI is a highly effective deterrent to organisations that consider it acceptable to use their suppliers as an interest free overdraft.

The data sources refer to factual information only e.g. an outstanding or unpaid invoice, or a number of invoices unpaid.

ROSI does not seek to pass any judgement as to the validity or otherwise of the sum being claimed as outstanding by the supplier.

Any party accessing the system therefore should bear in mind the following:

  • The unpaid / outstanding invoice information provided is accurate and factual.
  • Disputed Invoice records are held on the Register, but Debtors can mark their entry as disputed in accordance with ROSI's Dispute Policy.
  • An entry that is proven to be genuinely invalid will be removed from the Register in accordance with the dispute policy.
  • Entries that remain unpaid will stay on the Register indefinitely
  • Some larger organisations can have entries on ROSI due to the volume of invoices they process daily. Occassional isolated entries are not considered detrimental but multiple entries may be, particularly if all are recent reports.
  • Some ROSI entries relate to debts that have already been paid, but were late. These remain on record to illustrate payment beyond terms.
About ROSI
The Register of Outstanding Invoices is a body set up to endorse UK Acts of Parliament policies and legislations, with regards to late payment of commercial contracts and financial transactions.
Contact Information
Register of Outstanding Invoices, 18 Holroyd Business Centre, Carrbottom Road, Bradford BD5 9BP.