The investors and data contributors to ROSI are a group of forward thinking professionals that recognised something was wrong with the way business operated when it came to late payment. They decided that something could and must be done.

When an individual pays his or her credit card late then they fully expect to pay interest and perhaps also a late payment penalty.

The only reason businesses do not think like this is that they have become accustomed to a culture where there are often little or no penalties for paying beyond credit terms. In short, they abuse the goodwill of their suppliers.

This is morally, ethically and legally wrong, with many businesses actually having no intention of paying on time when they order goods or services.

ROSI would not need to exist if all businesses paid on time.

A business listed on ROSI is only there because it has paid an invoice or a number of invoices late, or worst still not made payment at all

If there is a legitimate reason for payment beyond terms the debtor business may appeal the entry.

The appeal proccess will cost the debtor company nothing, provided it is successful.

There are hundreds of thousands of entries on ROSI right now against companies of all sizes and standing that have not been appealed because the data held is factually correct and an appeal would inevitably fail. There are also many hundreds of thousands that were not recorded because of the impact ROSI carries and so this influences a debtor company's decision to make payment when formally demanded of them.

About ROSI
The Register of Outstanding Invoices is a body set up to endorse UK Acts of Parliament policies and legislations, with regards to late payment of commercial contracts and financial transactions.
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Register of Outstanding Invoices, 18 Holroyd Business Centre, Carrbottom Road, Bradford BD5 9BP.