Welcome to the Register of Outstanding Invoices - ROSI

The Register of Outstanding Invoices is a body set up to endorse UK Acts of Parliament policies and legislations, with regards to late payment of commercial contracts and financial transactions.

ROSI supports and indorses the following legislations:
If you are late in paying one or more invoices for a commercial supply of good or services, then you have a statutory legal obligation to pay late payment penalties upon demand. The late payment penalties are indisputable as they are an act of Parliament. You can find out more about Late Payment Legislation on this Government Website https://www.gov.uk/late-commercial-payments-interest-debt-recovery

What You Must Do To Avoid a ROSI Entry

If you have recieved a formal demand for payment and you wish to prevent your ROSI entry going live then YOU MUST PAY THE FULL VALUE OF DEBT AND COSTS IMMEDIATELY (before the ROSI Entry Expiry Date specified on your letter of demand).

NEW ROSI ENTRIES ARE NOTIFIED DAILY TO SUBSCRIBING SUPPLIERS, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND OTHER LENDERS who make their own decisions in respect of any credit they currently extend to your business. To view your prospective entry, check the outstanding amount and ways to pay enter your pin below.


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